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I was writing a n-th definition of ’pictosophy, a swinging definition, ’pataphysical, waving, ’poethical, between contingent philosophies and serendipitous picturings, between untimely resiliences and dis-chosen fortuitous incidences, . . so, getting lost in the pleat formed by the plane of immanence with the plane of composition, I opened Proust et les signes of Gilles Deleuze :

"In philosopher there is "friend". [...] philosophy, as friendship, ignores the dark areas where are elaborated the actual forces that act on the thought, determinations that are forcing us to think. [...] a friend is not enough to approach the truth. [...] To the truths of philosophy lack the claws of necessity. The truth does not give up itself, it is betrayed ; it is not communicated, it is interpreted ; it is not wanted, it is involuntary. The thought is nothing without something forcing to think, compelling to think. More than the thought, there is what "gives to think" ; more important than the philosopher, the poet. [...] What is forcing to think is the sign. [...] The thinking act does not proceed of a simple natural possibility. The thinking act is, on the contrary, the only true creation. The creation is the thinking act genesis in the thought itself. [...] To think, is always to interpret, that is to say, to explain, to develop, to decipher, to translate a sign. [...] There are only senses implied in some signs ; and if the thought has the power to explain the sign, to develop it in an Idea, this is because the Idea is already in the sign, in an enveloped and rolled up state, in the dark state of what is compelling to think."

( Gilles Deleuze - Proust et les signes - 1964 / § L’image de la pensée, p. 116 .. 119 )

Thanks a lot mister !