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The expression Portmanteau word was created by Lewis Caroll in "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" (1872) to point out those neologisms composed from parts of several existant words.

OuLiPo is such a Portmanteau word composed in french with Ou for Ouvroir (Workshop, Workroom, Yard, Laboratory), Li for littérature (Literature) and Po for potentielle (potential).

The OuLiPo is the name of the Potential Literature Workshop (PoLiWo ?), the association founded on november the 24th, 1960, by François Le Lionnais, Raymond Queneau and about ten other friends, writers, and/or mathematicians, and/or painters. The fondation meeting took place in restaurant "Le Vrai Gascon", 82 rue du Bac, Paris.

Few years later, the Ou-X-Po was created considering that many other arts, as many other Workshops, offered "possibilities conditions" for collaborative artworks realized in constrained fields. So was created some new Potential X Workshops.

OuWwwPo is created here & now on this Ou-X-Po model giving X the value Www. The OuWwwPo (pronounce it Ou-We-Po) points out the World-Wide-Web as a WorkShop dedicated to Potential Wwwriting (pronounce it We-Writing).

A first OuWwwPo was created on 2oo6, publishing an hyperpoem machine on the Wiki :

¿ Floc°ns l’ OuWwwPo !! . . let’s remember  !

This site develops this 1st workshop on several new vanishing lines, isn’t it ?