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jef safi / Y Sin Embargo Magazine #15

jeudi 10 mars 2011

Each of the 15 interviews of Y Sin Embargo magazine #15 ask the same 15 questions. Each interviewed author can choose to answer them all or just a few, and is disposing of two pages of the #15 magazine (6000 characters) (21.59 cm x 21.59 cm). They’ll be signed and there must be at least one image (any size, 300 dpi) created by the author or by anyone else the author decides but giving its source.

One of our games is definitely the most funny, [1] even ludicrous. The challenge is to pick up freely in the unlimited energy of Entropy to survive in spite of its devastating unpredictable rovings. Which arrangement to desire ? Which plane of emergence to pleat ? Which vanishing line to choose ?

The Game never started and will never end. All ending conjectures are conjectures ; [3] only eschatology is eschatologic. God is dead said Friedrich, but her name is Entropy. She is the only immanent vanishing line along which we are several monads incessantly becoming, dis-re-folding our memory persistence.

Entropy is at once all energies and all wanderings, sometimes named Eros, Chaos, Thanatos, Pandora, . . depending on parties and players. Alone, together, we are only winning not to be eliminated from this desperately joyful Game ! Paradoxically, Entropy will never win, even though she will remain the last player. She has no reason, no rule, no desire ; Entropy doesn’t play.

Chaos ? Thanatos ? Let’s surf on her breaking waves, roaming our destination, conjugating our route. Our navigation strategies, our win-surf arts, are at once our transcendences, and our illusory performances, on our ephemeral plane of emergence.

Eros ? Pandora ? [2] Love is this joyful win-win party sometimes played during the Game. But reduced to sexuality, they are often reciprocal null-sum ones. To get any advantages from someone ? What a temporary contingent bonus ! Using art ? What an oxymoron ! I hope we’ll win-win again together, but I seem to remember that only Hope remained locked in the Pandora’s box !

My self ? [4] It’s this "self" I don’t admit. This worst common concept is this trap set by anthropocentric theologisms and existentialisms. "Cogito ergo sum !" as "I think myself so I am myself !" is a so bad Game strategy. If we hope to continue to play, let’s jump on a rebirth line : "We are thinking so we are rhizoming !". In our dis-re-evolving noosphere, only collaborative games between cognospheres are able to be performative enough to survive. Don’t let us be only what we can, let’s become what we want together.

As soon as something starts to persist in itself, it is its own miming, its own memory. The persistence of the being is the persistence of the "same", able to be recognized as the "same", by itself and the others at once. Memory persistence is the essence of monads, from the subatomic heteromogeneous universe to the astronomic one, including intermediate planes of consistency.

[9] New monads emerge from idiomogeneous universes, each one of their lives depending on immanent ones. No biosphere without mineral and vegetal immanences. No cognospheres without sensitive biospheres. No social noospheres without thinking cognospheres. Entropy blowing its energy, randomly roving, emerged perilous monads have to perform rhizomes persistent enough, or succumb collapsed.

Playing such Game, [5] how not to be stupefied, amazed and filled with wonder, when crossing such emergences persisting in their own memories, and ours at once, miming themselves, miming each other in their own heteromogeneous universes, or cross-miming other ones beyond other universes ? So much fascinating morphological likenesses ! So much incredible metabolic differAnces and repetitions ! So much creativity in computation of their logical and mathematical immanent laws.

While playing the Game, to play is to win. Nothing is more transcendant than rhizoming together this desperately joyful party, [6] whatever we are exchanging, whenever, however. Only the end of the Game is virtual and definitively without any concrete significance.

There is no differences without repetitions, [7] no creativities without social engagements. While playing the Game, we only act among the possibles, choosing to respect or not moral and/or ethical rules. While playing the Game, to be is to become together, incessantly choosing a direction without knowing our destination, dis-re-choosing, dis-re-territorializing ourselves along our chosen vanishing lines. We are not individually creative when desiring social recognition, we are socially engaged to be creative or not, trying serendipitously to control the process transforming what exists.

To play is to become, working by rhizoming, learning each one from each other, [8] including persisting memories of disappeared players. Five books ? Four filled e-Books with oriental, occidental, african and asian cultures ; including lessons of hundreds of languages. And a fifth filled with empty memory, equipped with devices for writing, drawing and sound recording our creative explorations.

Wording, picturing, [10] each one necessary, are not sufficient enough, to support alone our whole serendipity while imagining unreachable true realities. But their juxtaposition, perhaps, will reveal latent appearances in between the interstices of their median vacuum.

Philosophy is an art, as arts are philosophical. [11] This is what makes sense in terms of culture, to create, to invent new concepts exploring unknowables. It’s impossible without our artificial lights, [12] without our totems.

While our bottle is tossed about on the dark huge waves of Entropy, so close to sink in its abyssal unknown depths, lighted up inside by the failing lamp of our absolute certitudes, [15] hypnotized by the polished inner sides of our narcissistic addiction for excellence, blinded, looking through the washed up sight glasses, by our gestaltic pareidolia for universal knowledges, we’re looking up, through the neck above, to interrogate the sense of the divine absence.

Let’s try again, we still have got an other go. [14] The large bottleneck is opened, how to dis-choose ? [13] Our mirrors are as faithful as our windows, how to believe in our reflexions ? Now Entropy grows increasingly, shaking our skiff erratically, how to dis-re-bottle our desperately joyful trip . .
. . as we are the message ?

[1] Do you... play ? What values has or do you give to the ludicrous in your life ?
¿Juega ? ¿Qué valor le asigna o tiene en su vida lo lúdico ?

[2] Have you ever used your art to get sentimental or sexual advantages from someone ? Tell us what and how it was ? If positive, would you do it again ?
¿Habéis utilizado alguna vez vuestro arte para beneficiaros sentimental o sexualmente de alguien ? ¿El qué y cómo fue ? En caso positivo, ¿lo volveríais a hacer ?

[3] Do you believe in (or do you subscribe to) an eschatology of transcendence ?
Crees en (o adhieres a) una escatología de la trascendencia ?

[4] What is the one thing that you never, ever admitted about yourself ?
Qué es lo que nunca, nunca has admitido acerca de tí mismo ?

[5] Until what extent the repetitive (in the arts) is "image and likeness" of the various cycles of nature ? When is it hypnotic, "tribal" or simply stupefying ?
¿En qué medida lo repetitivo (en las artes) es ""imagen y semejanza" de los diversos ciclos de la naturaleza ? ¿Cuándo es hipnótico, "tribal" o, simplemente, embrutecedor ?

[6] In responding to questions posed by fourteen anonymous people, and in turn posing one to them, what evidence do you anticipate—or are willing to accept—that this effort has any concrete significance, beyond existing as a cyber-fiction, a delusion, and/or an ephemeral, "virtual" reality ?
En respuesta a las preguntas formuladas por catorce personas anónimas, y, a su vez, formulando una a ellos, ¿qué pruebas anticipas - o están dispuestos a aceptar - que este esfuerzo tiene algún significado concreto, más allá de las actuales como un ciber-ficción, un engaño, y / o una efímera, realidad "virtual" ?

[7] How do you relate your creative activity to your desire of being socially engaged (in the critique of what exists and the creation of what could be) ?
¿De qué manera se relaciona tu actividad creativa a tu deseo de estar socialmente comprometido (en la crítica de lo que existe y en la creación de lo que podría ser) ?

[8] Which are the five books that should be mandatory in any occidental High school ?
¿Cuáles son los cinco libros que deberían ser obligatorios en cualquier colegio secundario de occidente ?

[9] The "repetition" determines the norm by which the genes assure themselves the continuity of their stirps... while the difference signs the rupture of the repetitive tendency... and then, the mutation does erupt. Could it be thought that the human being´s actual state is showing a cultural mutation or are we succumbing in a neurosis where we can get collapsed ?
La repeticion fija la normativa por la que los genes se siente seguros de continuar la estirpe.... mientras que la diferencia señala la ruptura de la tendencia repetitiva... y surge la mutación... Se podría pensar que el estado actual del mundo humano señala una mutación cultural o estamos sucumbiendo a una neurosis donde podemos quedarnos colapsados ?

[10] What’s your pictosophy ?
Cuál -o qué- es tu pictosofía ?

[11] What is it that does make sense to produce, in terms of culture, in this time ?
¿Qué es lo que tiene sentido producir, en términos de cultura, en este tiempo ?

[12] Much has been written about our petrified/ accelerated culture ; a culture where all can be sweeped under the banner of the aesthetic, and where we are all ‘ironic’ performers. As mimics, we consume ‘difference’ ; the object as sign, but in this metonymic play of substitutions, are we not effectively seeking a last totemic impulse ? Deleuze dramatises a philosophy of difference- might we not say that this too is totemic ?
Mucho se ha escrito acerca de nuestra petrificada / acelerada cultura, una cultura en la que todo puede ser barrido bajo la bandera de la estética, y donde todos somos intérpretes ’irónicos’. Como imitadores, consumimos "diferencia", el objeto como signo, pero en este juego metonímico de sustituciones, no estamos efectivamente buscando un último impulso totémico ? Deleuze dramatiza una filosofía de la diferencia- no deberíamos decir que esto también es totémico ?

[13] In which manner, if any, do ’the possible’ and ’the impossible’ interact with the ’actual’ when seeing and image and thinking about it ?
De qué manera, si hay alguna, "lo posible" y "lo imposible" interactúan con lo "real" al ver una imagen y pensar en ella ?

[14] What do you consider to be the defining event of your generation ? If you don’t believe there is one, what effect do you think this lack has on the society in which you live ?
Cuál es el evento que, para ti, mejor define tu generación ? Si no encuentras ninguno, qué efecto tiene esta carencia para la sociedad en la que vives ?

[15] NASA prepares a ship where they want to keep objects, works, or whatever, from different personalities that have reached a degree of excellence. Suppose they have also chosen you... What do you give them ?
La NASA monta una nave en la que recopila objetos, obras, o lo que sea, de diversas personalidades de la especie humana que han alcanzado el grado de excelencia. Pongamos que te han elegido a tí... ¿Que les darías ?