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mardi 8 mars 2011

  • « I try to work out why this boot is there . . »
  • « But why ? . . ! »

Why do you think that this boot is an exception ? When and why a difference becomes an exception ? Which is the rule ? Why this boot should be responsible for its difference, more than the mutual mimicry of all other shoes ? Why this universe should have to exclude this exception ? Why this universe should exclude this exception rather than one among all the other singularities ? Does the rule make the exception, or does the exception make the rule ?

In an heteromogeneous Universe, an exception is not an accident of a rule, but a necessary condition for the rule existence itself. In an heteromogeneous Universe, each of the concepts exception and rule are inoperative ones if they are separated.

Each Universe is only made of exceptions, including these beings which hopelessly work to find similarities between them, trying to give stable langage conventions to communicate about each consensual category of similarity. Words after words, these beings collect an idiom and then an ontology, an imaginary magma should say Cornelius Castoriadis, an épistémé should say Michel Foucault, etc.

Such an idiom includes rules made from these words, and these rules have necessarily exceptions, especially in Universe where Entropy is high.

What is important here, is to observe the relations between heteromogeneity and orthogonality of rules, between heteromogeneity and idioms expressivity :

  • In a totally heterogeneous Universe, if there is, to be an exception is the unique rule for every Monad, so that the concept of rule is not an operative concept. Such Universe, if there is, is exclusively made of exceptions without any rule.
  • Where heterogeneity is still higher than homogeneity, several rules can emerge but all of them have many exceptions, so that the concept of rule is not a very operative concept. In such an Universe rules can be considered as coercions to be fought and excluded.
  • Where heteromegeneity is assumed, all rules have more or less exceptions. In such an Universe some rules, concerning homogeneous aspects of Monads cohabitation, have few exceptions but works as rules.
  • Where homogeneity is higher than heterogeneity, every Monads are objects of rules, even if several of these rules still have few exceptions. In such an Universe the concept of rule is highly operative, in particular to fight exceptions as obstacles to be reduced. In such an Universe exceptions can be considered as intruders to be fought and excluded.
  • In a totally homogeneous Universe, if there is, rules are orthogonal and don’t have any exceptions, so that the concept of exception is not an operative concept. Such an Universe, if there is, is exclusively made of rules without any exception.