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Greetings from Shariadtric shores

Spontaneous dou_ble_thread discussion about watermelon seeds and body electric phases . .

samedi 9 août 2014

"Greetings from Shariadtric shores"
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Comments :

Jef Safi
. . therapeutics greedings . . ?
. . whe(re)n redefinings what human body can dou_ble_do ! ?
. . ⊗¿.⊗ )

Jef Safi it is a Homeric kind of performance... the nymph plays a watermelon lyre, before plucking her mons veneris and singing siren song, all the way to the high mountain where she’ll get stoned with a help of village elders...

Jef Safi
. . hmm . . -¿.- ) . .
. . whe(re)n I’ll be tall I’ll be hot pluckable watermelon . . and . . and . . old village singer too . . can dou_ble_help, no ?

I’m blind like a Homer to your argument Jef, especially the old village singer part. Let’s send those f*ckers to the Moon, where they’ll have plenty of stones to throw and (if the rumour is true) an American flag to burn. It could have made a reality TV opera worth the most magnificent fascist state, slowly blooming somewhere over the rainbow.

Jef Safi
. . Was sure stones could dou_ble_help these days . . especially whe(re)n I’m trying to sing with a sirenian lyre . . poor gallic watermelon druid I’m . . arghH !
. . are blooming totalitarian rumours always dou_ble_true ? In other words . . hmm . . is dou_ble_homer blinded or dazzled ?
. . ˆς.ˆ )

Jef, to be completely frank, I am unfazed. In some respect, I have seen it all... maybe, not in its extreme barbarity. Totalitarians never die. They have more lives than fat cats. Some rely on axes, the others on axis. All roads lead to the Moon these days. The deadly radiation is just so sexy.

Jef Safi
. . whe(re)n I’ll be tall, I promise I will not pluck the fat cats only once . . but seven or nine times ? . . or . . or . . eleven ! . . hmm. . hmm . . eighty three ? . . hundred thirty five ! . . but . . but . . how to hold accountable those who do not have collars ? . . Arghh . . why am I not as unfazed as u uu ??
. . I feel rather . . melancholically . . out of moonmelon phase . .
. . º¿.ºˆ )

You shall pluck the fat cats 1984 times before they become lovely pussies with nine unplucked years ahead. Moon melon rings a bell with my existential seeds. Not certain about the phase. It may require an electrical qualification. If your melancholy, Jef, is related to the praise of the body electric then I might be inclined to plug-in. I did not say pluck-in, didn’t I ?

Jef Safi
. . I went there . . and I’m dou_ble_very_dis_appointed. Although, the landscape is entirely black & white, which is not without to touch intimate emulsions of the old photographer that I am. But here the dou_ble_promises are not kept. There are no greeDings at all, whatsoever, . . hmm . . I only found these non-edible moonmelon seeds sold in packs of 1992, little existential, but randomly numbered and well strung into necklaces for fat cats.
. . Don’t understand . . don’t have fat cat, don’t know anyone who offer such an . . hmm . . accessory, as lovely pussie it appears to be, and . . and . . and I have no intention to become neither fat nor cat when I’ll grow up.
. . No, . . I don’t recommend ShariadtriP shores. I vote 4.7 on 5 . . hmm . . for the postcard, the postcard dou_ble_only.
. . 一ζ.一 )

" I’m dou_ble_very_dis_appointed" could be my epitaph. I never promised any greedings. If I have some, I keep them private and let the word think of them as greetings. The landscape is never black and white. Rainbows are rare though. Fat cats are lousy friends, so it doesn’t surprise me that none of your pets resembles them. Shariadtric shores require certain trick to like, or recommend them. I would hate to lose my head over the rating. You have agreed to be led down the cul-de-sac. It’s not my fault.
The song remains the same ♫ ♪.

Jef Safi
. . You cannot exonerate you so dou_ble_easily. It’s your dou_ble_fault . . sure . . and I thank you for that. With or without your Lartigue’s wig, I recognized you. Your name is Rex, Manst Rex, the guy who does not have to promise anything. Enough that you baited the catless followers hungry for inspiration with watermelon seeds, holly sushis, or . . or . . ArghH !
. . So is the qualification of your electrical art : what you post is what we pluck ! . .
. . You know what ? . . I’m fond of culs-de-sac . . yet . . without ever having caught a fat cat in.
. . hahaa . . hii . . ! . . hmmrr . . ºΩº ) . . !

Jef, your last entry feels like losing Hong Kong. I salute you and pull the flag down my rugged dou_ble_trousers. All I can say, be water my friend... Bruce Lee has just pointed a finger at the Moon. Do not mistake the moon with yourself, hehe...

Jef Safi
. . We all dou_ble_know the Moon . . for sure an expansive cul-de-sac, isn’t it ?
. . Thanks a lot for this eXquisite dou_ble_comment party !
. . ˆζ ˆ )