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Allegory of Camera Δ Obscura

vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Once upon a time there was two small dark boxes, illuminated with certainties. Two small empty heads, full of hope. They were waiting until the external light penetrates them to dazzle them with an image of the "True Reality”. At the proper time, they finally opened.

Camera in pursuit of the Absolute, wanted all to see without any reflection. All, absolutely All ! Then, at the proper time, she decided to be totally overcome by the "True Entropic Reality", all her sensitivity offered to intensely feel everything, without any prejudice, without thinking one second with all these words which darkens the mind more than they enlighten it. She installed a hypersensitive film which she will push in spite of its coarse grain. She tuned her diaphragm to the maximum aperture, a long time, and gave up herself to ecstatically feel the whole true light of the whole True Entropic Reality.

Obscura in quest of the Universal Knowledge, wanted all to know precisely, he wanted all to understand and memorize with a maximum of details and discernment. Then at the proper time, he decided to focuse a depth of field as deep as possible, to choose a pause time as short as possible, to be sure to get the highest neatness of the "True Real Universal Memory". He installed a hyperfine grain film which he will develop energetically to compensate its low sensitivity. He tuned the aperture at less than anything, and adjusted the pause time at an infinitesimal fraction of nothing.

The moral of the story ? All the photographers will say it to you !

Camera obtained the most luminous image which is at ounce the fuzziest one, an immaculate uniform Absolute Entropic white 100%blank.

Obscura obtained the finest image which is at ounce the darkest one, an immaculate uniform Universal black 100%blank.

From now on, they both choose exposures suitable to create less blind images.

Camera finally formed in her several suspicions of True Reality. They are images as poor of Absolute Sensitivity as weak of Universal Knowledge, but they are marvellous and magic images, illuminated by unexpected shapes and colors, whistled by the calls of colored shadows. In the neighbourhood of the Absolute Entropy, each cell of Camera opens like a white sapphire prism dispersing and breaking up the Entropic light in colored iridescences. Now, from her cells juxtaposition are emerging lines and shapes, metamorphosing the dazzling Entropic light in simple but unknowable .. transcendent shadows, only lacking some .. illusive bird calls to give them some names.

Obscura finally formed in him several suspicions of True Reality. They are images as poor of Universal Knowledge as weak of Absolute Sensitivity, but they are marvellous and magic images, rich of ambiguous signs and senses. In the neighbourhood of the Universal Memory, each cell of Obscura opens like a black sapphire crystal dispersing and breaking up the universal darkness in colored enlightening sparks. Now, from his cells juxtapositions are emerging vowels, consonants and others signs, metamorphosing the gloomy universal darkness in simple but unknowable .. transcendent bird calls, only lacking some .. illusive shadows to give them some senses.