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And/Or vol.2 Piece #2

AND/OR vol.2 Fall 2011

dimanche 1er juillet 2012

(cc) photo jef safi / flickr

There would be neither mimesis, nor catharsis,
climbing egyptian dialectics,
playing clouds,
winding lights,
and/or shearing shadows
about the very decisive instant.

There would be neither mimesis, nor catharsis,
outside the in-between median void breath.

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textual complexion hyperpoetried by the in-between hyperpoem machine

Jef Safi ? A pseudonym. Why would it be there somebody rather than nobody ? Only because you are asking the question. Who is he ? He is, causa sui, nothing. So how can he do anything ? To persevere in his nothingness he indulges in all shared arts. That is to say ? Softwaring, cooking, picturing, musicing, poetrying, philosophizing, . . but more often . . ’pictosophizing. Hmm ! . . why that apostrophe before . . pictozoo-thing ? This is the mark of ’pataphysics : the science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes to lineaments, the properties of objects described by their virtuality. ArgH ! . . Absurd !? Extravagant and/or stupid ?! Not sure, maybe it is a mask to play quietly far away from academic doxa. What is that . . ’pictosophy ? Something in-between picturing in the intelligible ( ), and philosophizing in the sensitive ( ). In the “In-between median void breath” ? Whe(re)n else !

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